Terms and Conditions

Choose Recovery offers free groups for a limited time to help women start their healing process.  For groups that have not started, the free trial period will begin on the first day the group starts.  If a group is currently underway, the trial period starts the day you register.  You are encouraged to start attending right away.  Billing automatically begins when the period ends.  Once your free period ends, you are billed weekly whether or not you attend.

If a participant drops out and returns on a later day, the free period will not start over, and billing will recur weekly immediately upon registration.  Similarly, if a participant switches groups, the period will not restart.

Participants who have joined another betrayal trauma support group with Choose Recovery Services that offers a free trial may join the Choose Healing - Betrayal Trauma Support for Women; however, your free trial period will not start over upon registering for an additional group. 

Choose Recovery groups are not therapy groups, but rather psychoeducational support groups.

The material revealed within the group is privileged and confidential. Discussion of the group with spouses, friends, and other intimates should be restricted to discussion of your own reactions and experiences. If others are mentioned, care should be taken to avoid revelations of a personal nature and you should be sure identification of persons is not possible. It is each person’s responsibility to protect the names and identities of fellow group members.

You may withdraw your membership at any time, by canceling in your account or by emailing us at [email protected]

This group will meet weekly over zoom. To enhance the experience for everyone, please keep your camera on during the group call and be in an area free of distractions. Due to the nature of this group, we ask that if there are others around you, to wear earphones and protect your screen so others in the group can still maintain their privacy.