Terms and Conditions

Choose Recovery groups are not therapy but rather psychoeducational support groups.

The material revealed within the group is privileged and confidential. Discussion of the group with spouses, friends, and other intimates should be restricted to discussion of your own reactions and experiences. If others are mentioned, care should be taken to avoid revelations of a personal nature, and you should be sure the identification of persons is not possible. Each person is responsible for protecting the names and identities of fellow group members.


Enrolling in a group or course is a membership, thus, you are billed weekly (or monthly, depending on your membership) whether or not you attend.  Some groups may offer recordings if you miss a session. 

If you have a second party paying for this course, please reach out to our billing department at [email protected] to request the necessary paperwork.

You may withdraw your membership at any time by canceling in your account or by emailing us at [email protected]

Confidentiality & Privacy

While we will try to protect your confidentiality in the group, confidentiality can never be guaranteed in a group setting. We ask that you respect the names, faces, stories, and any other details in regard to the group. Please do not share anything outside of the group with any other individuals.

 During group, please make sure to find a quiet, secure space where you can wear headphones and have the faces of all participants protected. Please do not allow loved ones, including children, in the room during group sessions.

This group will meet on a recurring basis over zoom. To enhance the experience for everyone, please keep your camera on during the group call and be in an area free of distractions. This allows the others in the group to feel safe knowing who is on the screen and fosters greater connection among the group.


Mondays at 9am MT for 90 min over Zoom

  • $55.00 / week with 7 day free trial

    First charge will be applied in one week or after your first session, whichever happens first.

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